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Deltic House: March Update

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Deltic House External Tidy Up

Key Updates: Best Western Hotels

  • Best Western membership renewed for 2024.
  • Partnership Agreement progressing with Best Western’s operating partner, ‘Vine Hotels’ ( for them to operate the hotel once it has been completed.
  • Best western have instructed their media partner ‘Motus Productions’ ( to produce a video storyboard of the development from start to finish. Following their initial visit, a further site visit has been scheduled for 21st March 2024 to produce the early stages of the storyboard.

Key Updates: Building Progress

  • Structural Engineers design work and calculations to support proposed redesign and repurposing of building from current vacant building to hotel completed and now the basis for all work being done on site.
  • Following the award of contract to Kaldani Builders, stud walling and ceilings works are progressing across all floors (see pictures) – this is estimated to complete in early April.
  • Door lining and frames have been installed for all bedrooms.
  • Ceiling framework has also been installed for all bedrooms and designed to create maximum light. The loft space above floor 2.5 has been reinsulated and provided with 1 hour fire protection as required.
  • Next contract to be awarded will detail the structural alterations work to include pedestrian doorways and beamwork – currenly awaiting quotes in order to commence work.
  • M&E Engineer is progressing the design of heating, lighting and hot water options. Key principals of design agreed and next step is to liase with our Best Western colleagues to ensure fully aligned to the @Home Brand.
  • Following submission of the Planning Application to Middlesbrough Council, a site visit took place to assess the drawings and plans. A Roof Plan, a Nutrient Neutralisty Assessment, a Nutrient Neutrality Budget Calculator and a signed Nutrient Credit Certificate has been requested and provided.
  • Tendering for the new lift for the hotel is being prepared now. Alongside the tendering process, lift shaft specification is being prepared for contractor pricing. We will ensure the installation will be compliant with DDA regulations.
  • Noise assessment, CCTV drainage, demolition, and an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey have been completed. An Ecology Report is underway. Health & Safety is being managed by our on site management team and updated accordingly as the next stage of build commences.
  • Utilities infrastructure and connections for Deltic House have been progressing.
  • Gas connection work has been booked for 25th April 2024 with Northern Gas Networks and is scheduled to take 5 days to complete the works. Electricity, water and broadband applications are
    currently prepared.
  • Following development of the Fire strategy for Deltic House, we are now working with all parties to take into consideration the fire strategy outputs and any impacts on the building design and plans.
  • A meeting was held on Tuesday 19th March 2024 with all parties to fully understand any technical implications and ensure we are fully compliant.
  • Building Control fully instructed and involved in the development of Deltic House and regularly being updated on each phase of the build with frequent site visits.

Next update to be provided May 2024.


Deltic House Banner artwork to be placed on the outside of the building

Deltic House, Middlesbrough Banner 1
Deltic House, Middlesbrough Banner 2

Current Deltic House Internals

Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 1
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 2
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 3
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 4
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 5
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 6
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 7
Deltic House, Middlesbrough March Update Internal 8
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